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We helped our first client, Arival Bank, to receive banking license in the US

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Individually tailored KYC
and KYB workflows

Dynamic solutions to onboard your customers:

  • Build your own Know-your-customer flow
  • Dynamic onboarding questionnaire builder
  • 1000+ customisation options
  • Broad white-label capabilties
  • Tailored for onboarding high-risk customers


Combine advanced Liveness Detection, ID Verification and Face Recognition:

  • Machine learning and biometric algorithms are used to scan faces, run in-depth analyses, and verify ID photos automatically
  • Automatic ID document detection recognises documents by type and country
  • 2000+ supported documents from 200+ countries

Sanction and watchlists screenings

  • 1,000s of global government regulatory and law enforcement watchlists, and over 100 international and national sanctions lists, monitored in real-time
  • Over 20,000 structured government sources are placed on auto-monitoring systems for changes every 30 days
  • Automated ongoing monitoring with full audit trail

PEP and Adverse media screenings

  • Powerful search algorithm configured to risk-based approach
  • AI-driven negative news insight aligned to the latest FATF and EU MLD recommendations scanning 150m reputable media articles per month

Business registry verifications

  • KYB verifications in less than a second
  • Access to business registries in over 100 countries
  • Easy access to over 200 million company data
  • Automate the cleansing of outdated customer records
  • Identify potential business risks in real-time

Plug & play integration

No need for calls, meetings, presentations, MOUs, LOIs, NDAs, contracts, a tech team in place, web servers, weeks or months, just our easy API (or short link)

  • For API integration just copy & paste several lines of code from our developer portal
  • Don’t need an API integration? Just copy a short link and send it to your end users via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Transaction screening and monitoring

  • Complex statistical modeling applied in an understandable and approachable way
  • Streamline your investigations with a highly flexible system of record for customer risk & reviews
  • Export your own alerts and cases to the case management system

Pay-per-use monetization

  • Register and start using A.ID services for free
  • No long term commitments
  • Flexible pricing based on your company size
  • Pay only for what you use

Specifically tailored for







Our technological solutions help banks, financial institutions and other companies meet their anti-money laundering compliance requirements.
We know that every business is different and has unique compliance needs.

A.ID offers individually tailored CaaS (compliance
as a service solution) that allows financial institutions and other obligated entities to completely outsource their AML compliance processes starting from remote identification to transaction monitoring needs.

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Aren’t you tired of answering the same 50 questions while onboarding to a new service? Have you ever had déjà vu filling forms and wavers at the doctor’s office? Have you ever been frustrated about your personal data usage? Us, too.

Create your profile with A.ID and see what data you shared with whom, and retract shared information any time.

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Many financial institutions report to regulators by presenting vast amounts of PDF documents. Such an approach may cause gaps in communications or raise unnecessary tensions between the regulator and regulated entity.

With A.ID, regulators are offered a specific access tailored just for them. Regulators can review customer cases, audit trials and be sure that the regulated entity submitted all the required inspection data.

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the ideal Know-YouR-Customer experience 
with a single integration

KYC and KYB requirements are unique to each business. With A.ID Compliance as a Service you can fully customize these proceses — optimizing identity checks, data validation, and collecting the required documents needed to keep your business compliant and secure— all while fighting fraud. All just a single integration away


Jeremy Berger,

Chief Operating Officer

When launching a digital bank for underbanked clients from different parts of the world, we approached over
50 compliance-as-a-service providers
, who could address our AML/CTF compliance challenges. We were ready
to pay for an amazing service — something the regulator obviously assesses before issuing a license.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the right solution.
We have met many other banks and fintechs – both old & new, that were facing the same challenges. The compliance
solutions on the market are mostly tailored to traditional clients with common requirements.
This is where A.ID came to our help. A.ID – is a 360° one-stop solution with “abnormal” use-cases, that impressed
our regulators with the number of checks it performs & allowed Arival to onboard clients from different industries
& geographies.

Why is the focus on high-risk Customers so important?

More and more segments are falling into the abnormal category.
In other words, these are customers disconnected from the financial system and excluded from modern banking services:

150M+ homeless people

nearly 1.6 billion, more than 20 percent of the world’s population, may lack adequate housing


accross the world

Businesses with foreign founders

+ doing business remotely or internationally from co-working spaces

Digital Influencers:

bloggers, streamers, artists

10K+ businesses

from around the world registered with Estonia’s e-Residency program

The 2B+ unbanked people

(poor, minimal education, with no history of bank account)



Compliant ICO

The recent trend in the market is to treat ICOs as securities and apply relevant securities regulation.

This list will only grow!

It seems like the abnormal segment will soon be bigger than any traditional customer segment on the market